World Education Services or WES, is a nonprofit organization that evaluates school credentials and documents to determine its equivalence with the United States education system. If you hold a foreign degree, chances are that you’ll need it to be revised by WES or a similar organization before you can use it to find a job or continue your studies in the United States.

If you need to submit a diploma, academic transcripts, or other document written in Spanish, it must be accompanied by a certified Spanish to English translation. WES has instituted strict and specific requirements for all its certified translations. To many people, these requirements seem like a mighty mountain to scale, but if you follow the criteria that they have set, you should have no problem whatsoever.

Specifically, there are six criteria that WES has set, and those criteria are listed here for your convenience.

1. Translations of all foreign language documents are required. There are no exceptions to this rule.

2. Precision within translations is required. This means that your university or a certified translation service must provide you with word-for-word English translations of all documents.

3. Translations must be formatted in such a way as to match to the formats of the original foreign language documents upon which they are based.

4. Each country of education may come with specific requirements, knowledge of which you are responsible.

5. Legible photocopies of word-for-word English translations are required, but certified translations do not need to be sent in a sealed envelope.

6. Original translations should not be submitted.

At Flansburg Translations, we assure that all Spanish to English certified translations meet WES requirements so that your education evaluation process will not be delayed by a rejected translation.

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